Best Tools For Your First Woodworking Shop

Getting tools for a beginner might prove to be a hassle most times given the wide range of tools available in the market. Here is a deal, given a $1000 budget, what tools do you think a beginner should get for their first woodworking workshop? It should be based on the tools and brands that are very important for starting bearing in mind the set budget mentioned above.

The following are some of the fundamental tools I would recommend for making simple woodworking crafts.


A basic set of chisels is needed when starting a workshop. With time, more chisels that have specific uses can be added. Irwin Marples Blue chip chisels is a recommend basic set that goes for 70.

Hand planes

Most of the new hand planes available requires cleaning up and tuning. An antique Miller Falls #4 that cost around $40 is a good start with the hand planes. A #7 and #8 and a scrub plane are also a good start. The addition of specialist planes along the way as you learn is also ideal. For the #7 and #8 hand plane, it should be around $100 and $20 for the small scrub plane.


For this category, getting a Kunz151 Flat and Round Bottom Spokeshaves is ideal. It is affordable and goes for around $27.


Clamps are always necessary in a woodworking shop. Your shop should never lack bar clamps, speed clamps, and several C clamps.

Marking and measuring tools

The following tools are ideal:

· A set of four Engineering squares that goes for $30

· Robert Larson Combination Squares that goes for $9

· Marking knife

· Rosewood and Brass marking gauge that goes for $30

· BackChannel Dovetail Markers

Hand Saws

Having a Japanese Gyokucho Dovetail Saw for Fine Work that goes for $42, and a coping saw that goes for $5 is great for a start.

Sharpening System for Hand Tools

A lot of sandpaper will be required when you are initially tuning your tools. The sandpaper budget should be around $100. The flattening process is required to be done once, and the rest will only be maintaining the edge of your hand tools.

The following are some of to go sharpening system:

· Japanese 1200/8000 Combination Water stone that goes for $35

· Somax No 22 Honing Guide that goes for $12

· G9650 9" x 12" x 3" Granite Surface Plate, 2 Ledges that goes for $30

Power tools

Power tools play a crucial role in woodworking projects. For beginners, you can start with small power tools and advance to larger ones as you progress. Some of the power tools ideals for a first shop include band saw, miter saw, jigsaw, table saw, corded and cordless drill, Orbital sander, and drill press.

You might be wondering where to get all these tools at an affordable price. Well, Antique stores, eBay, and Estate sales are some of the handy ways to acquire these tools.

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