Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lake Lila

A major part of the appeal of the Adirondack Park is the nearly countless options for hiking and paddling. You can spend a lifetime traversing the mountains, trails, bogs, rivers, and lakes without exhausting The Park's options for new and exciting places to explore. At Woodcraft, the pride of our outing program is the commitment to offering campers the opportunity to see as much of the wilderness as possible. One Adirondack gem Woodcrafters haven't visited recently is Lake Lila. Located about twenty miles west of the Village of Long Lake, Lake Lila is the largest body of water in the Adirondacks that does not have any motorized watercraft. In fact, at this moment, Lake Lila is the largest lake in The Park whose shoreline is entirely state-owned. This has helped to keep the lake wild and remote. Lila is the source of the Beaver River -- which is dammed to form Stillwater Reservoir, a favorite Woodcraft trip destination.

This map comes to us courtesy of the good people over at Lake George Kayak Company, specifically Nancy Bernstein.
Slightly larger than the more familiar Blue Mountain Lake, Lila offers miles of unspoiled shoreline, a few side streams, several islands, and plenty of campsites. On the western shore of the lake is a lean-to near a trail head that leads to the summit of Mount Frederica. Click the in-text link for a photo of Lake Lila from the summit of the mountain. Though a comparatively small mountain, Frederica has  bald, rocky peak that offers views of the lake the landscape far to the east. The trail crosses the old railroad to Lake Placid; the same railroad that passes by Woodcraft and Carter Station. Currently the track is out of use this far north.

The red dot is the summit of Mount Frederica. The blue dot is the canoe/kayak launch. The topographical map gives an idea of the landscape surrounding the lake. Single Shanty Brook drains a large wetland to the east while mountain slopes approach the shoreline to the west and north.
With multiple campsites and an option for a side hike, Lake Lila is a nice trip destination for all but the youngest campers. Let's get out there and see something new this summer!

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