Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trail Improvements

Occasionally it is necessary and beneficial to the ecology to provide a durable surface for hikers to traverse. It prevents hikers from unintentionally widening the trail by keeping them on a straight line. They also increase hiker safety by clearly delineating the approved route. Organizations like the Adirondack Mountain Club participate in stewardship programs to add ladders in steep places, planks through bogs and marshes, and small bridges over streams. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation is the government agency responsible for the upkeep of trails. They often solicit community volunteers to assist in projects

The Ore Bed trail leaves the Johns Brook Valley heading south to connect with the main trail that runs along the summits of Saddleback, Gothics, Armstrong, and other High Peaks.
Ladders on the Ore Bed Trail. Photo courtesy of the Adirondack Mountain Club Professional Trail Crew web page.
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