Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Product Review: Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp

A flashlight is essential at Woodcraft or on a camping trip -- and why not a headlamp? Recent technological improvements have allowed headlamps to cast all the light one would need without the bulk of a hand-held flashlight. Not to mention the added bonus of keeping the hands free to pitch a tent, prepare a meal, or do any number of tasks that require both hands. 

The Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp is a great option for a Woodcrafter. Black Diamond Equipment began in 1989 as a company that focused on skiing and technical climbing equipment. The company has expanded its product line to include most facets of camping. Their lighting products are extensively tested and perform well in outdoor situations.

The Cosmo's main LED bulb is capable of casting a 70 lumen beam up to 40 meters. The smaller LED bulbs to the sides of the main bulb cast a 16 lumen beam up to 25 meters or down to 8 meters to preserve battery life. 

Speaking of batteries, the recurring cost in all flashlights options, the Cosmo comes with three AAA batteries included, which is a nice touch. Black Diamond advertises the battery life at 250 hours on low and 43 hours on high -- plenty of time to get you through a summer at camp. The face of the lamp unclips to expose the batteries compartment. It loads and re-clips without much difficulty.

The fully adjustable headband makes the Cosmo fit essentially anyone and the main body of the lamp ratchets downward to any angle to suit the task at hand.

Other features of the Cosmo include a water-resistant housing, red LED bulb to reduce glare while reading at night, and strobing feature for emergency signaling purposes. At $29.99, the Cosmo is reasonably priced. It is a product one won't grow out of, and it isn't subject to significant wear-and-tear like many camping items.

The stats and specs on the fancy packaging. Check out the Cosmo and other Black Diamond lighting products.
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