Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Unique Camping Trip

Last week half the Wenonah division took a very unique canoe trip. They set out on Raquette Lake, like many canoe trips. Raquette is a well-travelled lake with many public camping opportunities and a fair amount of boat traffic. What made this trip different is that one of the counselor's grandfathers owns some property on a remote corner of the lake -- Sucker Brook Bay. He happily granted the Wenonahs permission to use his land as a campsite. This bay is not typically seen by canoeists because it doesn't lead to any camp sites.

Making the trip even more unique, the property is being converted into a golf course accessible only by boat. The Wenonahs paddled to a quiet corner of an otherwise well-travelled lake and set up camp on a private fairway. They had a great time and returned with nice pictures and nice memories.

Rustic Par 3

Relaxing in the clubhouse

Posing in front of the lodge

Raquette Lake as seen from Sucker Brook Bay

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