Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Younger Division Trips

Woodcrafters familiarize themselves with the trails, lakes, and rivers of the Adirondacks at an early age. While we reserve the High Peaks excursions and extensive canoe trips for the older campers, the Outpost and Hadarondahs spend some time in the wilderness as well. Woodcraft's location in the Adirondack Park affords the young hiker and canoeist several options to learn the ways of the woods. Some great spots nearby are "Outpost Island" on 8th Lake, a few sites on Blue Mountain Lake, the Moose River lean-to right by Woodcraft, Stillwater Reservoir, and Russian Lake near Big Moose.

Some Outposters on Utowana Lake.
Woodcrafts trip program eases the young campers into the wilderness experience. Outposters and Hadarondahs learn the basics of camping. They help pitch the tents, pack the backpacks, gather firewood, prepare meals. Going to a different part of The Park also gives campers the opportunity to see different plant and animal life. The goal is to begin the youngsters on a path to appreciating the wilderness. By the time they are Auroras or Trail Campers, many aspects of hiking and canoeing trips are second nature. 
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