Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Vista Trail

The Vista Trail is the less-travelled cousin of Bald Mountain. If you turn onto Rondaxe Road off of Route 28, on your left you will see Bald Mountain’s parking lot full of cars. If you look carefully to the right, you will see a small wooden sign that simply says “trail.” This is the Vista Trail. It has a steep ascent that quickly brings you up to the top of the long, slender Onondaga Mountain. The name comes from the occasional breaks in the trees that provide views of the Fulton Chain as well as the landscape to the north. The trail follows the spine of Onondaga Mountain east for a few miles before descending to a junction that can lead you northwest between Bubb and Sis Lakes or southeast to a trailhead on Route 28.

Just before the descent at the eastern end of the mountain, a side trail leads to rocky lookout point with clear view to the north. This particular vista overlooks Bubb Lake, Moss Lake, and many of the small peaks to the north and east.

The Vista Trail is a nice alternative to the more popular local hikes. It is mildly rigorous, so it is a perfect second tier for campers looking to challenge themselves while discovering new and beautiful views of the local wilderness.
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