Monday, July 23, 2012

The OLTD's

At Woodcraft we have a unique division for the sixteen-year-old campers. We call them the Outdoor Leadership Training Division, or OLTD's. The OLTD's are typically long-time Woodcrafters that aspire to be counselors. They still participate in activities like campers, but they go as individuals rather than as a division. During activities and trips, the OLTD's also receive instruction from the counselors about leading an activity, planning a trip, and the various aspects of camp counseling. 

The current crop of OLTD's prepare for their instructional trip to Stillwater Reservoir.
Today the OLTD's left for a short over-night to Stillwater Reservoir. On the trip they will work with their division director to learn the ins and outs of leading trips. Most OLTD's are fairly experienced young campers that are using the summer to hone their leadership skills. Just under half of this years staff were OLTD's when they were sixteen. It is a great way for young adults to continue enjoying camp while making the segue into gaining responsibilities.
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