Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Moose River

Today is Wednesday, which means Trip Day at Woodcraft. Each of the campers will go on a short day trip near camp. Two options we always offer are climbing Bald Mountain and canoeing the Moose River -- more specifically the North Branch of the Moose River. The Moose actually has three branches. The South flows out out of Little Moose Lake. The Middle Branch was dammed at Old Forge in the late 1700's, greatly expanding the size of the Fulton Chain Lakes. The North Branch flows out of Big Moose Lake and borders camp property to the north. It generally parallels the Fulton Chain for a few miles as it meanders towards Old Forge and Thendara. Just past Old Forge the North Branch takes a sharp left turn and joins with the Middle Branch.

This is the perfect all-ages paddle. Younger campers can pair with older ones to practice their canoeing skills. A few sandy beach areas offer chances to relax and have lunch. Campers can switch from bow to stern and work towards their canoeing patches. Seeing the forest from the river is also quite different than seeing it from the trail. The open view to the sky provides opportunities to see great blue herons and ospreys as they hunt for fish. Paddling the Moose is also a great chance to see river-dwelling mammals such as beavers and otters. And one of these days someone is finally going to see a Moose. I hope they have a camera.
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