Monday, June 25, 2012

The Tip Test

At the beginning of each session all campers perform a canoe tip test. This is to ensure that in the event that a canoe tips, everybody knows how to handle the situation. It is also pretty fun. The campers paddle about twenty yards from the boat launch and intentionally tip the canoe. Our canoes are designed to stay buoyant even when filled with water, so there is no risk of them sinking to the bottom. After rolling the canoe over, one camper stabilizes the canoe while the other climbs in. 

The first one in the canoe then shifts his or her weight far to one side so the second camper can climb in. Once both are back in canoe, they sit on the bottom to lower the center of gravity. Then they paddle back to shore and empty the canoe of water. The tip test helps the campers acclimate themselves to the canoe and the water. It helps them learn to stay calm and be prepared in the unlikely scenario that a canoe tips.
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