Friday, June 22, 2012

Meet a Counselor

Today I want to tell you a bit about Monica, the Aurora Division Director (13-15 year old girls).

Woodcraft: Hi, Monica. When was your first summer at Woodcraft?

Monica: 2002, I was eleven. My parents came to be the Outpost Division Directors. I was a Wenonah and I felt comfortable right away.

Woodcraft: Do you remember your first camping trip?

Monica: Yes! It was canoeing trip. We paddled from Sixth Lake to Eighth Lake on the Fulton Chain. That dinner was the first I had cooked over a camp fire. We had quesadillas.

Woodcraft: When was your first summer as a counselor?

Monica: 2008. I was a junior counselor in the Aurora division. I was excited to be with the Auroras because I enjoy the longer hiking trips that divisions takes. I have been an Aurora counselor ever since.

Woodcraft: What keeps you coming back to Woodcraft.

Monica: Definitely the people. Also the access the wilderness that I just can't get in Buffalo. It's also important to me to keep camp traditions alive.

Woodcraft: What are you most excited about for this summer?

Monica: One of my favorite days at camp is the first day it is really hot. The whole camp goes to the waterfront to swim. It always makes everyone so happy. It happens every year and I can't wait for it to happen this summer.
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