Monday, August 3, 2009

Homesickness by the National Camp Association

"GROWING WINGS" (One parent's poetic thoughts on homesickness)
by Lois Roisman

Remember that ache in the pit of your gut
When you're liking your camp and your bunkmates, but
Your bed at home's what you'd really prefer
In fact, any old bed but the one where you are?

It might help to know at the camp where I went
Homesickness occurred to one hundred percent
Of the kids, from the ones who were having the best
time of all to the ones who were much more hard-pressed.

I've researched the problem because it's not small
And it's something that plagues children, most, if not all.
What I found will amaze you, because, of all things
That pain in your stomach's about growing wings!

Yes! What an amazement, that knot that you feel
In your belly is really a very big deal!
We can't leap tall buildings with flexible springs
But we can fly away on invisible wings!

That ache in your belly is not 'cause you're sick
It's the tips of your wings that are poking a bit
On your stomach and causing a terrible frown
So just think happy thoughts 'til it all settles down.

If you rub on your tum and sing 'grow-wings-grow-out'
Your wings will take root and will soon start to sprout
By the time you're a grownup and ready to fly
Your wings will be ready to soar to the sky.

So at night when your tummy is feeling that ache
And you're thinking that camp was a major mistake
And the feathers are hurting like needles and pings
Remember: that ache is about growing wings!

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