Friday, July 10, 2009

Camp off to a great start

Woodcraft is currently in the 12th day of its 84th year. The first week of the summer was, as our Program Director likes to call it, full of "liquid sunshine". It was wet and the rain never seemed to relinquish. Our staff did a great job coming up with creative ways to combat the weather and our campers were strong- swimming and playing like it was a normal sunny day. This week has been much better, a little rain, but 3 beautiful days that has made for some good picture taking. Currently, our Hadarondah division, our youngest girls, are out on an overnight trip to 8th Lake and Russian Lake.

Please check back to the blog regularly. Counselors will soon be updating the blog with trip reports, etc.

Here is a picture of Bobby and Becky. They are second generation Woodcrafters.

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