Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Summer Home

Essay for English Class...

My favorite place to be is at my summer home. Adirondack Woodcraft Camps (AWC). Every summer my friends and I go back to AWC, which makes camp so fun. Most years I see my friends from years past and make new ones. What also makes it fun are all the activities like archery, nature, and climbing. My favorites are riflery and swimming. In swimming there are awards that we work for and we have to learn different strokes and water safety. We use the safety skills on camping trips like canoeing the Fulton Chain. I love the beautiful mountains we climb, like Mt. Marcy. Also the small lakes encircled by a plethora of leaves that change from green to orange slowly and fall innocently to the ground. Mostly I love the friends I make and keep over the years.

by Jordan Levi (2008 Wenonah & 7th Grader at Town of Webb Union Free School)
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